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My video below was recorded during the pre-launch phase of NOW Lifestyle and I’ve decided to leave it here so you can hear my then and now my committed belief in NOW Lifestyle and how it is impacting my life and others who have taken that next step to better fitness, health, and earnings potential..

  • We cater to both the online community and the offline community
  • We cater to a Trillion Dollar industry
  • We have up to 100% Commissions payout
  • We are a “ground floor” opportunity with a management team that has an 18-year track record
    1. Backed by a solid company, GVO and Pure Leverage, with NOW Lifestyle now in the live membershipt & leadership building phase; led by the founder and CEO Joel Therien of the GVO companies
  • We are looking for members interested in fitness, health, and wealth building opportunities, and industry leaders and top marketers
  • We have products for both online and offline; providing ever-expanding and updated online products and services, and offline consumable and exercise/workout focused products
  • Our System does the sales for you
  • Our Coaches do the calls for you
  • We are now past our pre-launch phase and continue full-speed ahead with our Leadership Building Phase.
  • I encourage you to sign-up to learn more about NOW Lifestyle; and to take the added step of enrolling
  • Once you complete your sign-up to become a member, you’ll have an opportunity to learn all about NOW Lifestyle and see where it may fit perfectly into your day-to-day life of fitness, health improvement, and earnings opportunities (for those of us with an interest in enhancing our financial picture). Join me today and I will work with you to help you along your path to health, wealth, and fitness.

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NOW Lifestyle - Comp Plan (Part 1)


>>>> We are looking for industry leaders & top marketers to join us in this leadership building phase. Curious how this may be a perfect fit for you? Be sure to click the link now to learn more. Remember, NOW Lifestyle is a solution with a focus on both the online community and well as the offline community; with online services & tools, and with a selection of offline products that will be available to sell to your customers. JOIN US TODAY!

I encourage you to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION today and enroll! There is nothing to lose and MUCH to gain; your decision is backed by a 30-day Money Back Guarantee! Enroll to start building YOUR TEAM today!!

Please note that we are an affiliate of NOW Lifestyle and other companies that we may be advertising on our website and in our posts.​

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Mike Conkey
Mike Conkey, Business Coach and Entrepreneur & NOW Lifestyle Affiliate & All In Founding Member
 Please note that I am an affiliate of NOW Lifestyle and other companies that we may be advertising on our website and in our posts