Healthy Cardiovascular Tips for Men and Women

Healthy Cardiovascular Tips for Men and Women

Tips for Improving Your Cardiovascular Health

If you are an adult man or woman, you need to take your cardiovascular health seriously. Heart disease and cardiovascular problems are the leading causes of death in men and women, and it is never too soon to start getting healthy. Keep reading to find out how you can easily improve your cardiovascular health.

Keep a Healthy Balance of Work VS Fun Time

Stress and overworking are a big issue when it comes to your cardiovascular health. It is good to work hard, be active, and stay busy, but not if it causes extreme stress. Stress can often affect your heart health, so if you feel that you are working so much you don’t have time to yourself and you are experiencing burnout, it is a good indication you need a break.

Get Daily Exercise

Cardio exercise at the gymYou do not have to follow a strenuous workout plan every day just to have a healthy heart, but you should incorporate regular cardio exercise. Cardio is great for your heart as it gets your blood pumping. If you have a busy schedule, just try to fit in at least a few minutes of walking a day, whether you take the stairs and avoid the escalator, get to work early and go for a short walk, or park in the back of parking lots. If you have dogs, you can take them for a longer walk in the evening – which is great for them as well.

Go for Extra Produce

Do you tend to get hungry for snacks in the afternoon or crave sweets in the evening? If so, grab a piece of fruit instead of something sugary or fattening; or grab a handful of unsalted heart-healthy nuts for a boost of protein and health fat . Your heart wants lots of nutrients, and keeping your weight down can help with cardiovascular health as well. One of our favorites for a mixed nuts snack is the “Kirkland Signature Extra Fancy Unsalted Mixed Nuts, 40 oz” (or any similar unsalted mixed nuts brand). Just switching from processed snacks and desserts to fresh fruits or veggies cuts down on fat and calories, while also giving a boost of heart-healthy nutrients at the same time.

Reduce Your Stress

Another thing that can have a negative impact on your heart is your stress level. Not only should you have a good work-home life balance, but you also need to reduce stress in other areas of your life. Find a way to reduce stress daily, whether it is relaxing in the evening with your family, or getting more exercise to release happy-feeling endorphins. Read a book, listen to music, or play with your dog. Anything to lower your overall stress levels with be great for you.



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