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NOW Lifestyle – A Combination of Fitness, Nutrition, and Earnings Potential

Joel Therien announces the launch of a project that has been a labor of love for him for years.


The Power of Sharing with NOW Lifestyle! Unite TODAY! with NOW Lifestyle!

NOW LIfestyle - enroll today

NOWLifestyle.com is a combination of his first love for fitness and nutrition and his vast knowledge of internet and network marketing.

Since 1998, Joel has had the privilege of helping thousands of individuals and businesses achieve an online presence not to mention help them make money while doing it.

He has built a very successful company Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) and has decided to build and grow NOW Lifestyle with the intention of making it the largest online and offline health, wealth and direct selling companies around. And, I have no doubt that he will achieve this.

As Joel says, NOW Lifestyle is about achieving the NOW in your life style. It is more than just fitness and nutrition. It is about growing yourself and achieving those dreams that you never thought were possible until right now.

After all, should people not better their health, wealth and relationships not tomorrow but right NOW?

Joel has a huge vision for NOW Lifestyle. Starting with fitness supplements and a state of the art exercise platform, he intends to grow into many different facets of every-day life that we use.

Joel says that the slogan for NOW Lifestyle is “how I want people to embrace this program and use the opportunity”

LIVE life on your terms!

LOVE what you do every single day!

LAUGH because life is one big party!

NOW LIfestyle - enroll today

NOW Lifestyle and Joel Therien want to connect with you if you have the willingness, energy and want to be a leader in this, his most exciting project yet. As of this post, NOW Lifestyle is open for the public to join. If you are a lover and a leader in this industry, please click here to start down your new health, fitness, and earnings opportunity today. To learn more about NOW Lifestyle, visit & join our Facebook group!

Mike Conkey

Mike Conkey, Affiliate & All-In Founding Member of NOW Lifestyle

NOW Lifestyle Saves Lives – Join today!


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Mike Conkey

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