Top 10 Ways to Kick a Bad Habit

10 Ways to Help you Kick Bad Habits

Just wishing away a bad habit is certainly not going to make it magically disappear. While being aware of it is the beginning step, it is still only the beginning. Having the desire to end a bad habit such as smoking is another great place to start; however, action steps are necessary in order to end that habit once and for all.

#1: Start from Consciousness

When the realization that a bad habit has taken root, deep root, into your life and that you are no longer in control of it, the most important step is to be aware of that fact. When you are conscious about the fact that you are submissive to this bad habit and not in control, you have taken a very important first step.

In the beginning, it is most likely that you will find yourself ignoring that bad habit, and even making every excuse in the book not to be aware of that habit. Once you start from consciousness, you will open up a new awareness. This is a habit, and although it may be difficult at first, it can be under control.

Habits can be depressing

#2: Embrace the Habit for the Role it Played in Your Life

By embracing the role of your bad habit and the role it played in your life, you allow the negative connotations of that bad habit to drift away. Sometimes a few glasses of wine every night help you to get through a painful experience.

wine may not be the answer

Or perhaps smoking is a way of relieving tension. By embracing the role the bad habit had in your life, you allow yourself to move on to the next step – releasing it.


 #3: Acknowledge that this Bad Habit is No Longer Necessary

By acknowledging that a bad habit is no longer a necessary part of your being, you are more able to release it and move forward. Realize that maybe this bad habit served a purpose for a short time and now that purpose is no longer necessary. Do not hold onto a bad habit longer than it is necessary.



#4: Create an Action Plan

Now it is time to take action. By putting a plan of action in motion, you will be able to see where you are at and where you want to head. Putting together a plan of action on paper with a specific goal in mind will help you tremendously in kicking that habit.

Write down your goals and check them off once you've completed each goal


#5: Set Smaller Goals that Lead to the Big One

When you start your plan of action, it is important not to just list something like “I want to quit smoking,” however, it is imperative to start with smaller goals such as “I will smoke two less cigarettes per day,” or “I will look into clinically proven methods for quitting smoking.” For most individuals going cold turkey on any goal leads to failure and return to the bad habit in the first place.

set your goals and target them

#6: Make Sure you Have an Accountability Partner

Having someone be your accountability partner is worth its weight in gold. Have a trusted and committed friend check up on your progress daily if necessary. When you have not kept your word or reached your daily goal, having someone to answer to may be just the incentive you need to move forward.

Be accountable to your accountability partner


#7: Seek the Help of Professionals

Do not hesitate to seek the help of a professional in the area you are seeking to control. Sometimes an addictive personality or a chemical imbalance is the root cause of your addiction or habit in the first place. Seek counsel from  a professional specializing in addiction causes, cures, and prevention..

Seek help from a professional


#8: Track Your Progress

You will be amazed on how the littlest step can be the most propelling one. Writing down your progressions and looking at them every day to see where you began with nothing and how you are progressing closer and closer to your goal is an amazing tool to keep you motivated.

Set your goals and record them


#9: Join a Support Group

Joining a support group of like-minded individuals who suffer from the same bad habit as you do is a wise choice indeed. There is something comforting in knowing that others suffer from the same thoughts, feelings, and notions as you do.

Reach out to your support group


#10: Never Give Up

The harder it gets, the more you must continue to strive. Do not quit under any circumstances. Pull out all the stops, contact your accountability partner, look at your progress notes to see how far you have come and how close you are to reaching your goal, and devise a major reward for yourself that outweighs the difficulty of kicking the bad habit in the first place. Never let your chain break.

Don't give up, don't let the chain break

Reward yourself for reaching your goal


Find comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Anyone and everyone you ask has one bad habit or another. Know that you are not alone and just think – maybe you can inspire someone else to kick a bad habit with you as his or her role model, and as a member of their support group! How amazing would that be?

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