Get Fit Tips for the Day and Week

Get Fit Tips for the Day and Week

How fit are you? Very fit? Somewhat fit? Barely fit? Or, NOT FIT AT ALL!

Here’s our initial post on how you can change or maintain the best state of health and fitness, regardless of your age or condition at this moment. Of course, you will ALWAYS want to check with your doctor or nutrionist before you set out to make changes in your diet, exercise routine (existing or starting of one), and overall healthy you!

Tips you may find helpful! As you focus on what you eat, you'll want to check out a fitness program that may be a great combination for you!

….be sure your daily diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. There are recommendations that encourage us to eat at least 5 servings per day.

…help yourself control what you eat by shopping the outside of the grocery store shelves and displays (i.e. where you’ll find the fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat, fish, and baked goods (look for whole-grain, multigrain baked goods). 

Shop the outside isles of your grocery store Combining a fitness program along with your choice in what you eat may be just what the doctor ordered! See if NOW Lifestyle is a good fit for your refocusing on your health and fitness. It just might be!!

Before starting any new diet or exercise routine, be sure you have the okay from your family doctor, especially if you’ve had health concerns or issues. And, when you do start your exercise program, start light, easy, and for a shorter time than you think you can tolerate; you can increase your exercise routine once you’ve reached the initial part of your goals (which you should set before you start out).


NOW Lifestyle See if NOW Lifestyle is a good fit for your refocusing on your health and fitness. It just might be!!

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